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Doğuş Bilgilier

Game Developer

& Music Composer

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About Me

Hello, I'm a game developer from Ankara, Turkey. I've been making games with the Unity game engine for 3 years. I'm 26 years old and coding since I was 15 years old. I have been working as a game developer for 2 years. I have worked as the main developer in more than 20 hyper-casual and hybrid-casual games so far. I worked as a developer and sound designer in 1 Casual game. I worked as a developer on 1 Soft-Launch Project.

In my project, "The-Ant", I composed all the music and sound effects,  developed the entire game (except some of the models), and added it to the market.

Apart from being a game developer, I have been playing the piano for 8 years, and I'm keeping up with digital music technologies. Between 2019 and 2021, I provided music composition and handmade SFX services on the Fiverr platform and sold more than 40 works.


Plane Evolution (Launched)

Over 3M download (Android + IOS)

Runner + Arcade Idle

I am one of the three main developers of Plane Evolution. I took part in almost all systems and made improvements. And of course, I wrote many systems from start to finish.

I have improved my LiveOps skills significantly. We have created a great system using Unity Remote to remotely edit and test variants within the game.

Working on a 'launched' project was a really valuable experience for me. Working with three developers, writing and integrating different systems at the same time, has improved me a lot as a developer.

I also composed and integrated all the sound effects for the game.

The Ant (Personal Project)


The Ant is the first game I published on the Google Play Store. In this game, you must avoid cars, shoes, and slippers. Additionally, you need to follow the scents and find food. By eating the food you discover, you increase your health.

I assigned a custom texture to the trail renderer component to create the smells in the game. By continuously increasing the offset setting of this texture, I created the smell mechanic. Also, I composed all the music and sound effects. 

Miniverse (Casual)

Arcade Idle 

Miniverse has more than 20 minigames and a main center game. You can sell game tickets to the customers and unlock and play minigames from the center. 

We learned to work together as 7 developers at the same time. It was a very efficient process. In addition to making many minigames, I also contributed to the main systems of the game and created all the sound effects myself.

Auto Factory

Arcade Idle 

Collect raw materials and use them to create car parts. Then build a whole car and sell them to enlarge the factory and increase worker speed and capacity.

I improve my save-load and stack-unstack skills.

Card Sort

Puzzle (Sorting)

I made a sorting puzzle game with undo mechanic which is made with a command design pattern.

Handy Gun

Fps Shooter

Throw hands to the enemies and hit them in different ways according to the body part.

I enhanced my rigid body joint knowledge.

Merge Hands

Fps Shooter

Each weapon behaves and feels differently! I made a scriptable object that contains all the weapon data and I use them to increase the feel (recoil, rate of fire, damage, etc.).

Chic Run


Collect various coupons and money then use them for shopping.

I used Tail Animator 2 for the waving coupons.

In this game, I made the slip model using Blender. I made the slip mesh in a way that it could bend properly when I added bones, and then I completed the model by adding bones. The length of the slip changes dynamically in the game. Also, depending on the color and amount of the credit card, I color the part of the slip coming out of the pos machine using my own developed method.

I improve my Tail Animator 2 skills in this project.

Check Please!


Toothbrush Run


Flight High


Comb Hair


Catch a Thief


Traffic Management


Influencer Stack


Sling Demolish


Build Run


Anti Slide


Shop Stack


Squirrel Run


Couples Skate


Furniture Run


Career Up




Tech Run


IQ Run


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